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About Roche

Founded in 1896 in the Swiss city of Basel, Roche has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to become a leading global company dedicated to health care, based on research.

Currently, Roche is one of the world's leading companies and is internationally recognized for its innovative contributions to medicine. It focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Roche settle us who are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and comply with all legal, local, national and international standards in all countries where we operate. Our ethical standards are reflected in our Corporate Principles.

Roche is a leader in the field of diabetes for more than 40 years, and Accu-Chek® in glucose monitoring. Accu-Chek meters. Our meters guarantee a quick and accurate determination of glucose both at home and outside. In addition, its handling has been simplified over time. Modern systems of determination and data management help doctors and patients to optimize treatment and implement a comprehensive management. Continued determination of glucose gives users enormous advantages , as it allows them to reduce their health risk .